Canoe for Rent / Water ready canoes for video & film projects – $1 (Hollywood)

Canoe for Rent / Water ready canoes for video & film projects – $1 (Hollywood)

Canoe for Rent / Water ready canoes for video & film projects – $1 (Hollywood)

Canoes for rent, wood canoes for rent. Pick up and Delivery to your set in greater LA, Tahoe and SF Bay Area locations. All canoes are water ready. Exteriors of the wood and canvas canoes can be painted to accommodate your photo project.

Contact information and pictures of some of the many canoes can be found on my website Contact email and phone number can be found on the top of my web page or on the contact button above on Craigslist.

We are a professional production service business that specializes in vintage canoes, beautiful wood canoes and canoe props with a strong client list including Amazon, Apple, Lady Gaga, Disney and many others…. We are listed in the “Variety 411” directory.

Canoes for commercial video, catalog and film productions. Also available for events such as weddings as an ice container for soft drinks, beer or wine. Matching canoes available in both canvas canoes with ribs or all wood canoes. Lengths 10, 12, 13,14,15,16,17 and 18 foot long…also have a 4.5 foot for dry shots or window display, see images below. Your choice of antique or contemporary paddles are included with the rental of a canoe.

Ideal for outdoor camp shots, commercial photos and videos, music videos, weddings and engagement pictures or when using using ponds, lakes and rivers. Use a vintage canoe for your promotional shoot or video. Using a canoe as a prop in your video conveys adventure, romance, outdoors, family, and fun!

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Price: $1
We can discount the price. Please write your offer as a comment.

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$1 – Canoe for Rent / Water ready canoes for video & film projects – $1 (Hollywood)

Contact: İletişime geçmek için…If you have a price offer for this boat, you can write it as a comment below.

Examaple Comment : Hello, i really like your boat in this ad. I want to buy my price offer 5000 dollars.

Warning: Please let us know whatever your offer is. Maybe we can agree with you on the offer price. Maybe you can have this boat for the price you have in mind. You can have the price you want. Please feel free to bid.

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