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Fishing From Deck Boats

Originally, pontoon boats were simply the more expensive, longer but slower distant cousins of modern deck boats. Modern deck boats have also greatly improved so that they can easily equal or even surpass the performance of many modern pontoons. There are many differences in the construction of deck boats and pontoons which make them distinct from one another. The primary differences center around the type of materials used to build them. The material used to build a boat is a major influence of its overall price and longevity.

Outboard motorized deck boats are generally faster than their pontoon counterparts. This is due to the larger transom motor installed on the bow of most boats compared to a smaller inboard engine on pontoons, which limits the amount of wind resistance a pontoon boat experiences while in motion. In addition, most outboard motorized boats come with large storage containers for storing larger items such as fishing gear, and supplies. Some boats come with two large storage containers for storing all of the items that are not used on a daily basis.

The major advantage pontoons have over deck boats is their sheer size relative to deck space. Large, fully outfitted pontoons are able to easily carry many of the same items as larger, fully equipped deck boats such as fishing gear, firewood, and supplies. This allows fishing trips to go on for days without having to bring extra equipment onto the boat. Pontoons are also useful in larger vessels that have enough deck space for large crews. Many of these vessels often have limited storage space and boats without decks provide more room.

One major disadvantage of deck boats is that they are usually more costly than pontoons due to the greater cost of building the hull. Additionally, they require more space for storage. The majority of pontoons come in single or double bow-tie ring styles. A typical V-shaped rig consists of the bow tube extending outward from the bow section of the boat to the stern tube. The V-shaped configuration of deck boats requires the use of larger engines and requires greater water depths. These disadvantages often lead to shorter boating periods.

Like Smaller Deck Boats

When compared to pontoons, deck boats have several distinct advantages. They offer a wider selection of seating options and more areas for people to tie up. The most common seating arrangements include sitting in a standard chair or benches located along the rail. Additionally, many of these boats allow individuals to install their own accessories like fishing lures, anchors, and lighting systems. These accessories often increase the value of the vessel.

Like smaller deck boats, runabouts have the ability to include accessories for additional storage. These accessories include lockable cabinets and utility belts. In addition, a small but handy storage area is provided behind the seat for storing equipment. Many runabout models also feature center console entertainment centers that are perfect for holding movies and listening to music.

As with pontoons, there are several different types of deck boats available. Some of the more popular styles include the sloop, midship, taker, half-moon, flat bottom, and gunwale designs. Each of these hulls has its own unique features including materials used, runabout dimensions, and seating arrangements. While a large selection of available hulls is available, many anglers prefer a flat bottom design because it provides ample visibility and stability when fishing.

With today’s advanced technology, pontoons and deck boats are readily available at most fishing tackle stores and through online vendors. Depending on your preferred use, a deck boat may be the ideal solution. If you plan to fish in very shallow water, however, a pontoon maybe your best option. Regardless of which type of fishing you prefer, anglers should all choose a vessel based on its functionality and ease of use. With today’s wide selection, you’re sure to find the right tool for the job!

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