Porta-Pontoon Pontoon Boat Portable Canoe Kayak Jon Boat SEE Videos – $799 (Washington)

Porta-Pontoon Pontoon Boat Portable Canoe Kayak Jon Boat SEE Videos – $799 (Washington)

Porta-Pontoon Pontoon Boat Portable Canoe Kayak Jon Boat SEE Videos – $799 (Washington)

Selected by Southern Boating Magazine for its stability and portability, the patented Porta-Pontoon is 10 feet long in its basic model and 5 feet wide. Collapses and Fits in Car Backseat or Trunk, Uses Oars/Outboard Motor, Suitable for Family of Five. Most popular is the basic model that does not include the optional removable canopy top. All models come with two movable padded seats and a pair of oars and FREE shipping in the continental USA. Sold and shipped directly from the USA manufacturer. Porta-Ponton was created and is sold by the Fair Winds Foundation. Complete price is $999 (use code JulySale for an additional $200 off for a final price of $799) without optional canopy. Free shipping.
To view a short video of the Porta-Pontoon, please click https://youtu.be/b9BSp-M_9nI
. For more information and additional videos visit www.Porta-Pontoon.com. Text, call or email us for more information. Thank you.
• -The Porta-Pontoon contains 18 components consisting of 10 pieces of deck and 8 pontoons. The largest component (deck piece with transom) is 2 feet by 4 feet by 4 inches and weighs 15 lbs.
• -Patented system of interlocking stabilizers under floorboards.
• -All parts numbered for easy assembly.
• -No screws used (except for optional canopy) and no tools needed for assembly.
• -The weight capacity of the Porta-Pontoon is 700 lbs and is safe and stable for a family of 5 not exceeding that weight.
• -The recommended motor is a 2.5 outboard Suzuki although the transom can accommodate a larger motor (motor not included)
• -The boat can be assembled in 20 minutes or less. Disassembly takes less than 10 minutes. Fits in the back seat of a car, even a compact.
• -Choice of deck colors: natural birch, white, yellow, red or blue (please specify in follow-up email exchange)
• -Includes a two-year guarantee.
2512 Virginia Ave NW
Washington, DC 20037
202-681-9437 (Text or Call)

Message from Captain Dennis, Inventor of the Porta-Pontoon
Thank you for your interest in my patented Porta-Pontoon boat. I welcome you to read my book about the origin of my invention entitled Porta-Pontoon Boat: The Amazing Collapsible Pontoon Boat available on Amazon at Porta-Pontoon Boat: The Amazing Collapsible Pontoon Boat: Dennis, Captain: 9798578108990: Amazon.com: Books
The book talks about my experiences owning pontoon boats over the years. It focuses on one I especially liked, the SS Lutecia. The book traces the history and heavy usage by many people of this great pontoon boat before its life ended at age 25 from extensive use and many adventures.
You might think that that would be the conclusion of the story. But really it was only the beginning. I missed the SS Lutecia. She had given me a lot of pleasure. In fact she had provided a fun time for a large number of people. I wanted to get back into boating and on a pontoon boat, which I love. But not a large one, which is too bulky and carries too much overhead. I did not want the headache of maintaining and paying for an expensive docking slip. Nor did I want the nightmare of finding a way to haul the boat out of the water if it needed maintenance or repair. Or if its large motor had to be serviced.
What I wanted was a portable pontoon boat that was collapsible and which you could put in the trunk or back seat of your car. But such a boat did not exist. So I decided to invent one. So many people complimented my invention that I decided to market it. I had the money and the experience to do it. I could consult with engineers and experts to create a production model at a low price, which I did.
There were a lot of complications involved in creating a simple design that would work well and could be offered at a low price. I finally came up with the Porta-Pontoon which I believe does it all.
Where else can you find a stable pontoon boat suitable for a family of five for under $1000 (with FREE shipping)? The slogan I created for the Porta-Pontoon: “If you have a back seat in your car, you have a family pontoon boat.”
After building the first production model, I tested it under varying conditions, both with an outboard motor and with oars. It performed splendidly as the prototype indicated it would. I took it to various locations, such as boat ramps and beaches across the country. The boat assembled quickly and disassembled even quicker. That’s saying a lot since I did it all myself, a senior. Consider that the heaviest part of the boat is only 15 pounds. That does not include the outboard motor. I recommend the one I used, a Suzuki 2.5 horsepower that weighs just 29 pounds. Keep it light and fun I say.
Please compare our boat to the Porta-Bote which is more than twice as expensive, is less stable and its heaviest part weighs more than 70 pounds.
My boat is a joy to use with none of the headaches of traditional boating. Seeing is believing! View the videos on YouTube or our website www.Porta-Pontoon.com and see for yourself. I know you will be convinced. Please contact me by phone, text or email if you have any questions. We love to talk about boating and the Porta-Pontoon Boat.
Thank You and Fair Winds, Captain Dennis
Porta-Pontoon vs Porta-Bote
We asked an experienced boater who owns both a Porta-Pontoon and Porta-Bote, and loves them both, to compare the two boats. Here’s his review discussing the pros and cons of each boat:
I am a big fan of both the Porta-Pontoon and the Porta-Bote. I use my 2.5 Suzuki outboard on each because of the motor’s light weight and ease to put on and off. It pushes the Porta-Bote better than the Porta-Pontoon but that’s to be expected since the Porta-Bote is a V-hull boat. But you can’t beat the Porta-Pontoon for comfort since you can sit, lie down and stand on it. No need to stay in one position all day. I especially like to anchor the Porta-Pontoon and do some sunbathing on it with my family. We call it our floating, moving island.
Both boats take a bit of practice to put together quickly. The Porta-Bote is not easy to unfold without snapping shut before you get the extending piece or first bench into it. It takes strength and I recommend two people do it. The Porta-Pontoon does not present that problem but it has more pieces to assemble, so could take a bit longer until you get experience.
My Porta-Bote has started to leak since I have assembled and disassembled it so many times which puts strain on the folding hull. But it’s a small leak and I bring a small cup with me to bail. The Porta-Pontoon does not leak and I don’t expect that it will because there is nothing to fold or put strain on. Even if caught in the rain the Porta-Pontoon will not collect water, so no need for bailing. That’s true of all pontoon boats, which is why pontoon boats are called unsinkable.
The heaviest part of the Porta-Bote is over 70 lbs which can be a strain on one person to carry or assemble. In contrast the heaviest part of the Porta-Pontoon is under 15 lbs.
I travel with the Porta-Bote in my van since the hull is one piece and will not fit in my car. I’m reluctant to put it on the roof of the car for safety and security reasons, being very expensive to replace if stolen or damaged. My Porta-Pontoon fits into the back seat of my car and does not look like something worth stealing when it collapses into each other for transportation and storage purposes.
Both boats hug the water and ride amazingly well. If the weather is rough I prefer the Porta-Bote because of its V-hull. If I had to choose which boat to own, I would have trouble deciding since I like to alternate between the two boats. Essentially the Porta-Bote is built for speed and the Porta-Pontoon is built for comfort. I can more easily transport the Porta-Pontoon but I would say that the Porta-Bote is easier to assemble, particularly if you have someone to help you with the one-piece folding hull.
Fortunately I can afford both boats, since the Porta-Pontoon is less than $1000 and the Porta-Bote, even though somewhat pricier, is still under $2500.
Before I forget, you may be thinking about buying an inflatable boat. My experience with them has not been good. See the Porta-Bote website www.Porta-Bote.com for more about this. See video comparing both boats on Porta-Pontoon website www.Porta-Pontoon.

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$799 – Porta-Pontoon Pontoon Boat Portable Canoe Kayak Jon Boat SEE Videos – $799 (Washington)

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